What we do

Our combined past ​experience covers many aspects of software development in several different industries and technologies. However, at Element Alley our goal is to build a specialized team of professionals focusing the Umbraco CMS and supporting cloud and mobile technologies.

Umbraco is a very flexible, mature, open-source content management system for building highly dynamic and scalable websites on which it is very easy for non-technical content editors to make changes without depending on third-party programmers.

As a team dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch, end-to-end solutions, we must always be prepared to automate back-end processes, and integrate them into other components of the business, including the public website. These components include cloud technologies and CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and many other third-party technologies.

We also have a mobile games engine in development that we will use to release a number of games on our own. However, the main goal of this engine is to provide a platform on which we can license custom branded games to our clients. You can find more details ​here.