Large Third Party Health Plan Administrator

This Client is a very successful Third Party Administrator for Health Plan Savings Accounts with thousands of clients and vendors with a strong focus on Customer Service. Their existing systems and processes were being pushed to almost breaking point to handle the growing demand of their business.

To address the situation, our Client approached Element Alley with a long term plan to become more efficient as well as more accessible to their clients, sales force, and other providers. Together, we designed and built an online portal that allowed them, not only to automate many of the processes that were holding them back, but also to provide state of the art tools and communication for ​their partn​ers that are fixed to change the way they do business completely.

One of the most sophisticated pieces of this innovative Business Process Re-engineering feat supports several thousand personalized websites for all of their partners. These websites are built on Microsoft's SharePoint Server Platform. The sites are built automatically as new clients and vendors sign up to work with our Client. Each site provides instant access to private and shared document libraries as well as many other vital tools users need to effectively manage their relationships with our Client and other Vendors. Because of very strict rules and regulations in the healthcare industry in the US, security is a priority and each user's data is very tightly protected from unauthorized access.

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Also, users can use a state of the art module that helps them to fill out sometimes very long forms needed to gather the huge amounts of information - in some cases more than 30 pages of data - needed to allow our Client to provide an effective service to their clients. Users can clearly see what pages still need to be filled out, what is required, what each question means, and what the implications are as they answer all the questions. The go​al is to make the traditionally endless complexities of the US healthcare system as intuitive and painless as possible for the user. This is another example our Clients dedication to impeccable Customer Service.

Element Alley has also helped this client build a set of automated processes for importing and processing dozens of data feeds from different health insurance carriers, including the tools needed to manage this data and in many cases export processed data and payments to financial institutions or back to the carriers.

This is a screenshot of a process for testing the transactional integrity of the clients website using multiple virtual machines running multiple browsers and collecting the progress and results into a single location.