Rockdown Games Engine

Rockdown is a gaming engine for mobile devices, tablets, smart TV’s and for desktop computers that is currently in development here at Element Alley. The goal of this engine is to provide a platform on which we can develop custom games for clients that can benefit from having a mobile gaming presence but do not have the resources to build a full game on their own.

Click here for some demos and an overview of how this game might be used.

Here are some of the features and benefits that this gaming engine provides:

  • A cell-based, single-player, gaming environment like Candy Crush, Toy Blast, Cookie Jam, and even older nostalgic games like Boulder Dash, Tetris, Snake, Bomberman, Pac Man
  • Recorded games that can be shared and played back later on any supported device
  • An editor called ROME for building levels
  • Multiple game types like puzzle games and action games
  • Support on Android, iPhone, Android based smart TV´s, Amazon Fire TV, desktop, and browsers.
  • Support for maps with millions of cells
  • Points, bonuses, stars, and achievements on each level

Game levels (or maps) can contain game objects such as:

  • Objects that can be pushed around or fall
  • Objects that can be collected to gain points or new abilities
  • Single and multi-celled creatures that can hurt you
  • Bombs to clear areas of map
  • Switches to turn on and off lights, open doors, transport objects, create objects, spring traps, add lives, add time, speed up game, zoom maps, etc.
  • Switches to alter physics (upside down, reverse gravity, etc.), extend available time, give immunity, reduced or enhance visibility on map
  • Keys and chests with prizes inside
  • Dangerous substance that spreads to fill entire map
  • Hidden multi-celled treasures/fossils
  • Switches to display help messages and hints
  • Bad guys that steal collectibles and run away
  • Source that produces a stream of game objects, or rain
  • Sink for absorbing objects from the game

Customizable elements:

  • Graphics for home screen and all other screens in game
  • Graphics for game objects
  • Sounds for events in the game
  • Music for home screen and in-game
  • Customizations to the behavior of in-game elements
  • Add new characters, bad guys, etc.
  • Levels/Maps
  • Points system
  • Criteria for awarding stars, trophies, and achievements

Unit Testing & Performance Testing

We have developed a system for running games in batch mode and comparing resulting maps with expected states to allow us to unit-test maps and game-objects, scoring, stars, achievements, etc.

Phase II

The second phase of development will include a server component to allow:

  • Multi-player games in identical maps and in shared maps
  • Challenge other players and groups of players for “party play”
  • Contests involving challenges that many people can take part in to win a prize
  • Game validation for security
  • Delayed treasure location for security
  • Learn to play by following a ghost player provided by previously recorded games
  • Ability to watch games in progress
  • Profiles for users with their scores, achievements, trophies, best and selected recorded games
  • Serve additional worlds and maps to devices, especially maps for contests

We are looking for beta clients!

Our ultimate intention with this gaming engine is to license it to clients who will market their own version of the game with their own branding, music, and maps.

We are currently searching for clients interested in licensing the gaming engine, with customized mobile clients to help us with testing and QA. We will not charge a licensing fee to clients that license the engine during the Alpha or Beta phases of the development.

Contact us ​here for more information.